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KAROUN DAIRIES cheese wide variety of  Mediterranean ethnic cheeses and cultured products are prepared in the traditional artisan way from first quality milk. 

Ethnic Mediterranean Specialty Cheeses Yogurt Products

KAROUN DAIRIES is a practitioner of product innovation that relies heavily on benefit segmentation. We enter markets by introducing a new product with a new benefit rather than launching a me-too product. All KAROUN products have different backgrounds.


Fine Braided String Cheese
•Grilling Cheese
Akawi Cheese
Nabulsi CheeseFRESH MILK
•Other Specialty Cheeses
                                                          KAROUN DAIRIES CHEESE


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          PASTEURIZED FRESH MILK



Karoun Cultured Products
  • Yogurt Drink Karoun Dairies  authentic ayran, Karoun's lassi yogurt drink with live active cultures. Drinking laban produced by a proprietary process.

    Brands: Karoun®, Skimmed®, Ayrani®

    cultured dairy products.

  • Yogurt with Live Active Cultures.
    KAROUN DAIRIES - All natural live active yogurt, laban, raeb, madzoun.

    Full fat, low fat, no fat - no salt

    cultured dairy products. 

  • Labne Mediterranean Yogurt Cheese.
    Karoun labne, Karoun Dairies labneh, authentic strained yogurt cheese with live active cultures.

    Full fat, low fat, no fat - no salt 

    cultured dairy products. 

  • Yofruit® Delicious great strawberry taste KAROUN Yogurt.

Karoun Dairies cheese and Karoun cultured products are made with love and passion!

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