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A modern plant in the Beirut suburbs of Bauchrieh, Mount Lebanon near KAROUN'S consumer base and on main crossroads for easy service of different regions.
It is fully equipped to produce efficiently fresh dairy products and to be CIP cleaned.
It has its own laboratory and maintenance facilities.

KAROUN DAIRIES' objective has always been to make available to every individual fresh dairy products of premium quality by applying hygienic practices.


The more than 80 years old yet modern Lebanese dairy was built up on the principles of very strict quality standards. Quality control is based on elaborated methods and directives.

Amongst the most important quality controls are:

  • Raw Material Control: This control guarantees observance of the quality required for the cow milk, culture, and all other ingredients to produce constantly uniform and highly nutritious products.
  • Process Control: This control assures that pasteurization,homogenization, filling and incubation are carried out in strict application of our severe standards to have products free of any contamination with that delicious taste, aroma and creaminess that characterize our Fresh Milk, Yogurt, Laban, Labneh and Drinking Laban.
  • Product Control: The final quality control assures that the standards of microbiological purity, chemical characteristics and packaging standards are fulfilled.

The products are then rushed to the dairy shelves of your local supermarket, live and naturally delicious for you to eat it and enjoy!

KAROUN DAIRIES S.A.L. participated in setting the Lebanese Standards of dairy products at the Lebanese Standards Institution  LIBNOR.

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Copyright © KAROUN DAIRIES INC. 2011  All Rights Reserved           4AB CONSULTING