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String Cheese Karoun Braided String Cheese

String cheese KAROUN handcrafted braided string cheese with black caraway seeds  is the original braided string cheese handcrafted according to genuine traditions transmitted throughout generations to us. 
Karoun cheese is now produced in Canada from first quality Canadian cow milk under the supervision of KAROUN DAIRIES SAL according to its strict quality standards and distributed by KAROUN DAIRIES INC. Canadian Company.

Karoun braided string cheese comes in the form of a knotted endless loop of fine string braids due to the way it is hand pulled.

As most Mediterranean cheeses, Karoun braided string cheese is very salted to preserve it up to one year.

You can enhance the delicate flavor of Karoun braided string cheese by bathing it in water after cutting the cheese and disentangling the strings.
Black caraway seeds braided string cheese Karoun braided Karoun Dairies Inc cheeses and authentic artisan products are a real delight!
 with Black Caraway Seeds
and Spring Wine

Karoun Braided String Cheese

Karoun string cheese can be exported to most countries worldwide under KAROUN brand.

Authentic Karoun cheese is not available for sale or to be re-exported to the USA.

The supply of braided string cheese Karoun is limited due to its artisan production.

Pasteurized Milk, Bacterial Culture, Salt, Spices,
Microbial Enzyme.

Shelf Life: 12 months refrigerated 20-70 C.
Can be frozen and refrozen.
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Serving size 30g
Amount per serving
Calories 78         Calories from fat 54

Average Analysis per serving     





g 15 %
4 g 9 %


15 mg 5 %


850 mg 28 %

Total Carbohydrates 

0 g 0 %

Dietary fiber






0 g  


6 g    
Vitamin A**6%   Vitamin C**0%
Calcium**  15%     Iron**       2%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2.000 calorie diet.
** Reported as a percent of the recommended Daily Intake (RDI)
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